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Biking the Waterfalls Route (ruta de las cascadas)

Pailón del diablo
(Devil’s Cauldron)


Venture into the waterfalls route

Embarking on the 15km independent journey through the Llanganates-Sangay ecological corridor is a thrilling adventure that takes you through some of the most stunning natural landscapes in Ecuador.

Starting with a bike ride from the charming city of Baños, you’ll explore the surrounding countryside and take in breathtaking views.

Next, you’ll soar through the air on a canopy tour over a majestic waterfall, before finally arriving at Pailón del Diablo, a stunning waterfall that cascades into a crystal-clear pool below. With a route prepared and organized by us, you can experience this incredible journey with confidence, knowing that you won’t miss any of the incredible sights and sounds along the way.

ruta de las cascadas en bicicleta
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Tour Programme

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From the viewpoint we will see:

  • The double waterfalls of Agoyan
  • The old Guamag farm
  • Cadenilla Waterfall
  • Esperanza Waterfall
  • Puertas del Cielo Waterfall
  • Face of Jesus

We will park the bicycles for a 2-line Canopy tour:

  • The first one is 500 meters long and passes over the waterfall.
  • We will take a short walk through fruit trees until we reach the other line.
  • The second line is 700 meters, returning to the bicycles.

We will park the bikes at the restaurant Aroma y Sabores de Mercedes.

  • We will walk 1 km to the Pailón del Diablo waterfall. 
  • We will visit the “Balcones” (Balconies) and the “Grieta al Cielo” (Crack to the Sky).
  • We will cross the first suspension bridge dating from 1940 to have a view of the waterfall.
  • We will walk 1 km back to the bicycles.
  • We will park the bicycles
  • We will walk 25 minutes to the Cascada del Rocío waterfall, where you can swim in the natural wells. 

We will return to the bicycles to go back to Rio Verde and take the transport to Baños 

How does the independent tour work?

Technical Information

Tour duration

  • 4 hours (Each person completes the route at his or her own pace).
  • Recommended departure time: 9:00 am (We recommend not leaving later than 12:00 pm. ).


  • $15 Independent tour.
  • $25 Route with bilingual guide.

meeting point

At our office in Baños, Avenida Eugenio Espejo and Vicente Maldonado street, we send you the link with the location when you make your reservation.

What is included?

What is not included?

*optional - this is not required

FAQs about the route

> 75% is downhill 

> 25% consists of an easy ascent

> To return we will take a shuttle

We will have a basic repair kit with which you can repair the tires yourself, if there is more serious damage to the bike you will have to contact the office, we will be happy to help you.

At the beginning of the tour in the office, we will give you a chain with a padlock along with the repair kit so that you can secure it every time you stop.

Yes, this route is very touristy and you will always find more people on bicycles.

Yes, on the tour you will see many stores and restaurants with a wide variety of food and drinks.

You can continue on the main road until you can and then you will have to look for a bus stop to take any bus going to Baños, if it has space in the luggage storage, the bus will stop and load the bike in the cargo area or simply return to Baños in the Rio Verde transportation, you can continue with the bike until 8:00 pm (closing time of the office).

Yes, we offer Rafting, Canyoning, Amazon tours and much more which we can help you to combine.

All of our clients are happy!

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